Medicine Cup

This is another of those powerful images I saw at ESP. The thought that someone just walked away without any thought of what they were leaving behind. Processed with Nik’s software.


As technology advances, so does the ability to revisit material that  may not have worked completely before. This is one such piece. When it was orginally taken it looked okay on screen, the final print outputs were less than pleasing. So with my new Nik software, I...

Pumpkins of Oxford

Hi here is the last shoot from the Oxford series. It’s a little different but right for the time of year. These guys were in front of a sign near the boat year, but shooting this angle eliminated the sign and gave a nice perspective and depth of field.

Longwoods, friends and iphones

well today was really interesting, went off to Longwood Gardens to shoot with some friends, and well the strangest day occured. Iphone buddy day! My friends appeared to be thrilled to play with their camera iphones rather than their very expensive regular gear. I...

Cover for brochure

Well had an early start this time last week, up at 4am to get the sunrise for the cover of the TCC brochure. We had an earlier image that on close examination was seriously flawed in technique, (an old one of mine) so coaxed someone to come out to model for me and...

Surprise Wedding

Was asked last minute to shoot a wedding for a couple that were eloping. They were fabulous people and it made the shoot a blast! thank you both and Good Luck!