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HOME    |   HIRE   |    ABOUT    |    SHOP    |    CLUB    |   BLOG YOUR WINE GUYCELLAR SERVICESHarry has created many a cellar in his years in the top flight...

Talbot Hospice Fashion Show 2012

Was invited to shoot this wonderful event, which took place this week, all for a great cause Talbot Hospice Foundation, here in Easton. Everyone seemed to have a great time, as did I! Here is a small taster of the evening festivities.  


Well on Sat got a chance to shoot at a great location in town. A private residence on the water. I was there to shoot images for a friend's clothing store in town M. Randall & Co. Our lovely models for the day were Marianne and Sheila who were wonderful, thank you...

Pipes & Drum

After the parade yesterday, I got a great opportunity to photography my friend Randy and his band mates - Michael and Rob. They had played in the parade and had about 15mins to get these shots, before going on their next gig! Busy boys! This was shot using new toys,...

Fonthill II

As I stated yesterday, had a great time at Fonthill in PA. This is another detail shot from the series, it is taken with a 60mm macro and has some aspects of a lensbaby. There was someone with a one there, so it will interesting to see what she got as well. There is...

Medicine Cup

This is another of those powerful images I saw at ESP. The thought that someone just walked away without any thought of what they were leaving behind. Processed with Nik's software.


As technology advances, so does the ability to revisit material that  may not have worked completely before. This is one such piece. When it was orginally taken it looked okay on screen, the final print outputs were less than pleasing. So with my new Nik software, I...


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